Meet the Sitters!

All of our sitters have passed a drug test and background check (which includes county, federal, and alias multi-state searches), and are vetted for their skill and comfort level with animals, as well as general awesomeness.* Consultations with your particular sitter can be arranged for an $18 consultation fee (per visit with sitter). (*As determined per Owner.)

Valerie Foos, LVT, Owner

Valerie Foos is a licensed veterinary nurse in the state of Virginia, with years of experience in both regular and emergency cat and dog medicine. She took over the business from the previous owner, Karen Hughes, in January 2018 and couldn’t be happier to spend her days seeing cats and dogs who are healthy and happy to see her! Outside of the business, she is staff to three demanding cat overlords, as well as the less demanding duo of her pacman frog and albino corn snake.


Di is a mother of three: one human daughter and two senior rescue dogs, Gigi, a chihuahuameatloaf and Oz, a husky mix. She has a wealth of animal experience from working in veterinary clinics, animal rescues, and pet sitting. Di has a regular set of weekly pups she spends time with as well as handles a number of vacation pets. Di loves all animals, although arachnids are a bit more challenging for her to love at the moment (it's complicated). Outside of animals she loves to cook and garden, and greatly enjoys the ocean and mountains.


Alyson is relatively new to the Fredericksburg area but has been a lover of animals for decades. She’s volunteered with animal shelters since 2008 including fostering over 15 orphaned kittens and a very under socialized chihuahua named Murder Nugget. Alyson is another one of our sitters with a daily route, although she also covers vacation clients. Her rescue dog Tango, is the Empress Diva of the house and her other rescue dog ChaCha reigns as 50 lb snuggle Queen.


Wanda, also known as “Grandma Wanda” by ‘her’ pets, is retired from Geico for 25 years in the medical field, after which she spent 13 years caring for cats and dogs, fostering, and doing home checks as part of the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA. She has received medical training from four vets in the area and enjoys working with Peace of Mind: “my clients are wonderful and they have such sweet pets!!” Wanda currently has a full schedule tending to and spoiling her weekday clients. Outside of pet sitting, she tends quite the menagerie of her own, which encompasses 6 cats, 5 dogs, and a 16-year-old Rooster! She also feeds her next-door neighbors’ colony of 14 feral cats.

Nikki D

Nikki has been a pet sitter for 10+ years and has two young feline furbabies. Since she doesn't currently have any canines, she enjoys dog visits so she can get her doggy fix. Nikki mainly does vacation visits and loves your furbabies like they are her own. When she isn't pet sitting, you can find Nikki at museums or parks with her boys. Nikki has lived in Fredericksburg for over 14 years and enjoys traveling and wine tasting with her hubby.


Vicki has worked for Peace of Mind for a few years. Although originally from the Jersey Shore, she has lived and worked in the Fredericksburg area since 1982. Vicki began with a wonderful sibling pair of kittens that are now 12 years old. These two have known Peace of Mind sitters for all of their lives as they have been cared for by them with every vacation or travel plan taken. This furry family grew a few years ago when Bebe Cat and Yoyo Kitty showed up in the yard as kittens and decided to stay. When not tending to kitties and dogs for Peace of Mind, Vicki enjoys gardening, traveling and sunshine.


Noah is a Fredericksburg native and a geography major at the University of Mary Washington. When he's not taking great care of our vacation clients' pets, he's traveling, meditating, or volunteering as an EMT with the Fredericksburg Rescue Squad. His hobbies include photography and piano. He loves getting to know all the pets, from cats and dogs, to turtles and snakes, and is a proud father to a 7-year-old tabby cat named Cadence.


Jay is a care attendant of the furry and human variety. He grew up in Northern VA and moved to Fredericksburg to be a caregiver. Animals have always been a part of his life and even when unable to have his own pet, he would spend extra time at friends’ houses who did to get his furry fix. Jay has past experience as a pet sitter and is excited to return to the pet sitting world. He looks forward to helping care for your furry family member(s) while you are away!


Eric Fortner is a software engineer who enjoys the occasional opportunity to pet sit. While he rarely performs routine visits, the dogs he sees are always happy to have someone so enthusiastic about playing, while the cats often appreciate snuggling up to his fur. At home, he enjoys the company of several cats, especially the little lady cat of the house who has claimed him as her hooman.