We know that it can take a village to keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible! Here are some of our favorite folks, facilities, and services to add to your pet’s village!

In-home pet sitting not quite the best match for you or your pets this time around? Check out our favorite local places below! Peace of Mind has personally toured and reviewed each of the places below before adding them to our list, and we are happy to make personalized recommendations for our current clients based on your pets unique needs.

Boarding Facilities:

4272 Plank Rd 22407
Personal favorite!
Offering: Doggie Daycare and boarding, plus spa services
Favorite Feature: A great option for your social dogs who love other dogs, and owners who want webcam access while they are away!
Restrictions: No diabetics, no aggressive dogs, dogs must be 12 weeks or older, dogs must be spayed/neutered if older than ~6 months, standard vaccinations required*
Silverbrook Kennels
50 Red Fox Lane 22406
Personal favorite!
Offering: Doggie boarding and day camp; obedience training, gun dog training
Favorite Feature: Great option for nature loving dogs (and swimmers!), dog’s who wouldn’t appreciate a playgroup, and dogs who need a personal touch/with special needs.
Restrictions: No diabetics, dogs must allow staff to handle them (AKA not aggressive towards humans), standard vaccinations required*
Dog Krazy Cosner Corner
10007 Jefferson Davis Hwy, 22407
Cat boarding also!
Offering: Offering: Doggie Daycare with fun activities, overnight boarding, CAT boarding!
Favorite Feature: A great option for cats AND fun daycare activities for the pups!
Restrictions: No injectable meds, no human aggression, must be up to date on Rabies, Kennel Cough, Distemper vaccines, AND have a clean fecal (with giardia screen). Over 6 months must be spayed/neutered.
Four Paws Pet Resort
29 Baron park Road 22405
Offering: Doggie daycare and boarding, some grooming
Favorite Feature: A great options for dogs who don’t tolerate standard crates/kennels well! (Every room is a suite, not a cage!)
Restrictions: No pit bulls or bully breeds, no aggressive dogs, must be spayed/neutered if older than ~6 months, standard vaccinations required*
Country Club Kennels
9394 Pine Glade Ln 22408
Offering: Doggie boarding, plus training options; also they foster homeless dogs through the Orange County Shelter
Favorite Feature: A great option for dogs who love nature! (Additional nature/pond walks available as add ons!)
Restrictions: Dogs must allow staff to handle them (aka not too aggressive for handling), standard vaccinations required*
Cresthill Kennels
13190 Nancy Wright Dr 22580
Offering: Doggie boarding, obedience training; they also breed Labradors
Favorite Feature: Great option for behaviorally challenged/special pets! (AKA they accept and are capable of tending aggressive dogs.)
Restrictions: Standard vaccines required.* (All breeds welcome, aggressive dogs accepted, in-tact animals accepted, young and old pets accepted.)
Calypso Kennels
14 Enterprise Ct 22405
Offering: Boarding and daycare
Favorite Feature: A great options for cats, exotics, and the general category of ‘not dogs!’
Restrictions: Standard vaccines required* (Cats: Rabies and kitty distemper
*Standard vaccines for boarding are Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (aka kennel cough); different kennels have different requirements for frequency and timing of Bordetella vaccine.

Veterinary Facility Boarding

Many veterinary facilities offer boarding for clients whose pets have medical needs beyond what a kennel (or in-home services) can provide. If you feel this may be a better option for your pet, ask your own vet (as they will know your pets needs best), or check out these local veterinary facilities who offer boarding:

Don’t see your favorite boarding/daycare facility/veterinary boarding option on here? Have feedback about a place you think we ought to know? Use our Contact Form and let us know!

Animal Behavior

Ask Dr. Caryn LLC
Caryn Self-Sullivan, PhD
Specializing in pet dogs, will teach the whole family (including children) how to better train your pups. Everything from routine training needs to serious behavioral issues-if you are seeing issues begin please don’t wait for them to get out of control! Contact Dr. Caryn at the first signs before things get out of paw! Nip those issues in the bud, before your dog starts nipping YOU in the butt!

Rikki’s Re-tail
3503 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22408
(540) 891-5300
Thrift store (accepts donations) whose proceeds go to support Rikki’s Refuge.
Mon-Sat: 10a-530pm
Sun: 12-5pm