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Our visits are custom tailored to your pets needs! Visits are based on amount of time needed to properly tend your pets, not age or number of pets (although, typically the amount of time needed will increase proportionately to the number of pets and level of involvement of their care routine). Visits may include walks, backyard playtime, indoor playtime, feeding, watering, medicating, snuggles, litter box duty, bringing in the mail, rotating lights and blinds, and for some discerning cats, us being stared at disdainfully from a distance while we tend them. (Ability to walk and medicate will vary by circumstances.) We do not currently offer boarding or staying in your home; however we can increase the amount of visits per day or duration of these visits based on your pets needs and preferences.

Dog Sitting Options
Puppy Visit
20 minute visit
$18 per visit
Doggie Visit
30 minute visit
$21 per visit
Furrty Minue Visit
40 minute visit
$26 per visit
The PACKage
45 minute visit
$28.50 per visit
Puppy Care Program
(2) 20 minute visits
$33 per day
Vacation Dog Sitting
(3) 30 minute visits
$57 per day
Same/Next Day Visit
Visits with less than 48 hours notice (subject to availability)
$21 per visit
Cat Sitting Options
Kitten Visit
20 minute visit
$18 per visit
Cat Visit
30 minute visit
$21 per visit
Furrty Minute Visit
40 minute visit
$26 per visit
Crazy Cat Sitting
45 minute visit for multiple cats
$28.50 per visit
Misc. Charges
Initial Consultation
First consultation with the owner
Consultation Fee
Consultation with your personal pet sitter
$21.00 per visit/sitter
Mixed/Exotic Pet Sitting
For non-cat and dog pets, or mixed pet households we can devise a custom plan to suit the crew’s needs
Varies based on needs, starting at $21
Additional 10 minutes
Can be added on to any other package/visit
Holiday Fee
Applies to: New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and New Years Eve.

WE ARE CLOSED: December 24 to December 26
$21 additional per day
Administering Medication
May apply in certain situations
Late Request Fee
Requests for the upcoming week (Monday-Sunday) that come in after 7 pm the preceding Friday
$8 per incidence
Veterinary Special Service Fee
In the event your pet requires us to bring them to a veterinarian during our care
$75 per trip to hospital
Cancellation Fee
Cancellations made within 48 hours of requested date will incur a full penalty of deposit monies. Holiday reservations require a 50% prepayment at booking; holiday cancellations with less than 2 weeks notice will incur a full penalty of deposit monies.
Returned Check Fee
$35 per occurrence
Late Fee
See Service Agreement
A 50 % deposit is required for first time clients, long-term assignments, and holiday bookings.
Payment in full is required typically within 14 days of invoicing, or as noted on your invoice. Penalties may be incurred on late payments.
For clients that work with us on a regular schedule, we generally bill monthly.
Forms of payment accepted are cash or checks payable to Peace of Mind Services.
There is a $35 returned check fee.

We offer automatical enrollment in our On Call Key Program to those clients who are pleased with our service and plan to use Peace of Mind Pet Services quite frequently. Not only does it flatter us to know you trust and value our staff and its services, but it also decreases the amount of time we will spend picking up and returning house keys. We understand the responsibility and have in place a formal system that keeps keys organized and secure while in our possession. For those repeat customers utilizing this special program, we can usually accommodate an On Call Key customer on a much shorter notice because we already know your pets, routines, and have access to your key on file.

As a participant, we will simply have you fill out our forms and provide Peace of Mind Pet Services with two to three keys (depending on anticipated service needs) - one to be retained by your assigned pet sitter(s), the other to be securely maintained in the possession of Valerie Foos, LVT, owner of Peace of Mind Pet Services. There is no cost to enroll. To opt-out of the program you only need to call or e-mail requesting your keys back and they will be returned to you typically within 5 business days or less.

With this program, you simply need to call, e-mail, or text to set up your required dates and we will respond to confirm the arrangements and double check there has been no change in your pets' routine or health since the previous time we took care of them.

Please Note: The rates listed above may be subject to change without notice based on availability or special circumstances. Please contact us for a personal consultation.