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We highly recommend the On Call Key Program for repeat clients.

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Private Walks $18 for a 30 minute walk and visit for up to 2 dogs.
My Owner is Stuck on I-95 Potty Break!
For clients who are already participating in the On Call Key Program.

$15 for a 20 minute walk and visit for up to 2 dogs.

**Subject to availability.

Puppy Care Program
$30 for two twenty minute visits.
DOG Private Home Visits $51 per day includes 3-30 minute visits for up to 2 dogs.
(morning, afternoon, and evening)
Visits include private walks, playtime, feeding, indoor plant care, newspaper/mail pickup/ lights on/off. Let us know what you need. 
CAT Private Home Visits
$15 for a 20 minute visit for up to 2 cats.
$18 for a 30 minute visit for 3-5 cats.
Visits include cleaning cat litter, playtime, feeding, indoor plant care, newspaper/mail pickup/ lights on/off. Let us know what you need.
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Consultation for new services  FREE
Visits on Major Holidays (Easter, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve/Day and New Years Eve/Day) $18 surcharge
Administering Medications Additional fees may apply per visit.
Rates outside of service area (Fredericksburg and eastern Spotsylvania County) Fee determined by area.  Please call for an estimate. 
Cancellations Cancellations made within 48 hours of requested date will incur a full penalty of deposit monies.  Holiday reservations require a 50% prepayment at booking; holiday cancellations with less than 2 weeks notice will incur a full penalty of deposit monies.
A 50 % deposit is required for first time clients, long-term assignments, and holiday bookings.   Payment in full is required within 7 days of the last day of service.  Penalties may be incurred on late payments.
For clients that work with us on a regular schedule, we can bill weekly or monthly.

Forms of payment accepted are cash or checks payable to Peace of Mind Services.  There is a $35 returned check fee.

Please Note: The rates listed above may be subject to change without notice based on availability or special circumstances. Please contact us for a personal consultation.


We offer the On Call Key Program to those clients who are pleased with our service and plan to use Peace of Mind Pet Services quite frequently.  Not only does it flatter us to know you trust and value our staff and its services, but it also decreases the amount of time we will spend picking up and returning house keys.  We understand the responsibility and have in place a formal system that keeps keys organized and secure while in our possession.  For those repeat customers utilizing this special program, we can usually accommodate an On Call Key customer on a much shorter notice because we already know your pets, routines, and have access to your key on file.

As a participant, we will simply have you fill out a form and provide Peace of Mind Pet Services with two keys - one to be retained by your assigned pet sitter, the other to be securely maintained in the possession of Valerie Foos, owner of Peace of Mind Pet Services.  There is no cost to enroll.

With this program, you simply need to call to set up your required dates and we will call to confirm the arrangements and double check there has been no change in your pets' routine or health since the previous time we took care of them.